Aloo Tikki

Delicately Seasoned and spiced potato patties fried to a golden – brown with a soft inside served with tamarind and mint chutneys (2 pcs.)

Bananas Crostini

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Bhel Poori

Puffed rice tossed with boiled potatoes onion tomatoes mint chutney garnished with chickpea noodles cilantro.

Chat Papdi

A medlet of patares chick peas crispy papri toped with yogurt mint and sweet potatoes chutney

Chicken Pakoda

boneless chicken pieces marinated with Indian spices spices and butter fried

Egg Pakoda

Boil pieces of eggs dipped in chickpea butter fried.

Fish Pakoda

fish pieces marinated with indian and butter fried

Katchumber Salad

Chopped and spiced fresh tomatoes – cucumbers and onions prepared mild. Medium or hot

North Indian Salad

Made From fresh tomato red onion cucumber dress with chat masala.

Paneer Pakodas

homemade pieces of cheese dipped in chickpep butter